About James

After losing both an arm and leg in a tragic accident, Londoner James Young’s love of video games was so powerful he became adept at playing games one-handed. This confirmed him as the perfect candidate to receive and benefit most from a unique prosthetic. His prosthetic arm was made by renowned prosthetics artist Sophie De Oliveira Barata, as well as a team of engineers, roboticists, and product designers.

James was at the heart of the design process, as it was imperative that the arm met his unique requirements. The end result is as much an extension of James’ personality as it is his body. The prosthetic arm features a 3D printed bionic hand that enabled James to perform a number of gestures, all controlled by tensing his shoulder muscles. The main structure of the arm is made of high-grade carbon fiber, making it light but incredibly strong. The arm has the capacity for USB-powered attachments, and even charges his phone. James is fundraising for titanium implants, and seeking neural interface surgery, both of which would allow him to integrate immeasurably better with artificial limbs in future.

Since the completion of the unique arm, James has been a keynote speaker at technology and healthcare events around the globe, giving emotive and insightful talks on the challenges of his new journey. With his inherent interest in science & technology, in combination with his new immersion in the field, James is developing content for television and mixed media hoping to encourage a profound interest in STEM in young people, and increase accessibility to science for the general public.

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